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Athlete Reviews

27 Feb

Turning our girls into powerful athletes

Coach Jones is simply the best! He took our daughter who was a JV sprinter and turned her into a varsity athlete. His dedication to the athletes is unmatched. His knowledge of speed training is amazing. Coach Jones is able to work with the girls to individualize training for each of their of season sports, and still keep them training for the track season. We cannot recommend him enough.

Coach Dee
26 Feb

Nothing but Results!!

This program has helped my daughter Sierra in track n field as well as her passion, gymnastics. Recovering from an injury and growing pains in her knees, Coach Ron's development program has whipped Sierra back into shape getting her number 1 title in Beam, Vault , Bars and 1st place overall at the Gasparilla Classic. Thank you coach, your program design is awesome.

Tonya Sargent
25 Feb


Ron Jones is a knowledgeable, passionate, positive and driven trainer. With his well thought out and strategic programs, Ron has the ability to coach each individual to their maximum potential. Ron uses specialized equipment in order to target the specific needs for each of his trainees. Regardless of the sport, Ron's multifaceted program is customizable and absolutely excels above and beyond the rest. Ron is consistent. Ron is strategic. Ron understands exactly what it takes to build champions. You couldn't find a better coach if you tried!

Tammy Mead
22 Feb

Highly recommend

Coach Ron has trained both of my sons. They each saw great gains in speed, strength and confidence for their sports - one is a XC runner and the other plays baseball. And equally important - they had fun and looked forward to the hard work!

19 Feb

Great Coach

Coach Ron is an awesome coach and teacher. He provides purpose, confidence, and results. Coach Ron explains Every exercise and every training technique and the purpose behind it. My son really is understanding why a particular exercise is needed and what is it for. Making the transition from Cross Country to Sprinting has been a work in progress but Coach Ron has been there training my son to every step of the way. My son is very excited for the upcoming track season. A new level of confidence and commitment Coach Ron has instilled in my son. Thank You, Coach Ron for all you have done.

Naimah Simonson
19 Feb

Best trainer in the game!

Coach Jones is reliable and knowledgeable. He's trained my son all throughout his high school career. He currently plays in college. He's not just for the young folk either. He trains moms and I enjoyed every moment. If you want results, choose Coach Jones. You won't regret it!