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Athlete Reviews

Teena J.
02 Aug

Great Coaching!!

If I could only get him to Jacksonville, great coaching!!

Redd Zone Apparel
20 Jun

Transformative results that exceed expectations - Highly recommended.

20 Jun

Amazing coach

Has pushed me like no other. Give great advice and has helped me reach new heights. I will definitely stick around him for a while!

20 Jun

Top notch professional training!

Coach Jones is an amazing trainer with life-long experience in the field. He has dedicated his entire life to training athletes as well as young future athletes, and also helping regular everyday people achieve their fitness goals with tailored instruction designed for each individual. If you are wanting to meet your athletic goals, look no further than Coach Jones who has a proven track record!!!

20 Jun

Slow feet don’t eat

Coach Jones has been an incredible asset to my boys offseason training. He has made them faster, increased their stamina and strength. He is our cheat code!

20 Jun

Amazing Coach

Coach Jones is not only an amazing speed Coach but also an all around amazing, caring and compassionate person. We started with Coach Jones to work on my daughters form and speed (she's a soccer player) and she ended up running track for A New Breed of Speed! It had been more than just about speed, my daughter has learned a great deal about herself and what she can accomplish with hard work and dedication. Coach Jones has guided and supported her to believe in her capabilities. We highly recommend working with Coach Jones for any athlete you won't be disappointed in the results!

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